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Dried and Deep Frozen Morcheela Conica(Extra/Speical) and Frozen&dried Truffle from 2016 crop with stable quality and quantity .

Dried shiitake (both slice and whole) from new crop with good price.

Our Morchella Conica Cultivation Bases located in Sichuan province and Chongqing.


Food Fair held in USA /Germany/2014 PARIS SIAL FAIR

Booth stand during SIAL FAIR 2014

Pictures about our processing factories and cultivation bases




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Mochella Conica




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Main Products Price 

1:Dried Shiitake whole:11--15USD/KG CIF

2:Fresh/frozen Tuffle:45-90USD/KG CIF 

3:Dried shiitake slice:12.5USD/KG CIF 

4:Dried morchella conica Extra grade :300USD/KG CPT